Quirky Tee Shirts

Little bit of this and a little bit of that. Show your "alternative" way of looking at the world and be rewarded with knowing smiles. It's so easy to get one, click on the View or Buy button beneath the shirt that takes your fancy. You will be directed to my shop on RedBubble where you can choose the colour and size of your shirt. Custom made and delivered within 10 days ready to go. 

$ 30.00 AUD

In Hot Pursuit

When the elephant is bearig down, now might be a good time to run.

Where is the rest in peace?

Where is the rest in peace seemed a good question to ask myself. Because we are only going to get it half right if we ignore the reasons why we can’t find the peace within. Take a breath and find the peace and complete the cir

I yam chicken hear me cluck

This is a fun shirt and its also bilingual. How come? The word for chicken in Indonesian is Ayam so I thought we could join together in our love of chicken.


Blessed are the cheese graters

Blessed are the cheese graters.. pizza anyone? Well how good is a pizza without all that delicious grated cheese?
What has this to do with riding your bike?? This is about appreciating the small things in life, blessed are the peace makers, blessed are the cheese graters..