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Join in and share with your friends and fellow riders the freedom, great fun and benefits of riding your bike.

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Going round in circles

So contrary to what most people say, Bikepath guarantees that spinning those legs in circles gets you places.

A Natural Cycle

Start out how you mean to travel, slowly first then before you know it, you’re on your own.

I Love Going Downhill

Contrary to popular opinion, going downhill can be exhilarating.

Take the path less graveled

So you want to take the road less traveled? Then get on ya bike and go where there’s peace and adventures.


It all Fits

All these choices can be so confusing but can you see how it all fits together when you get on your bike? Life suddenly looks so much brighter too!


Keep Left Awright!?

Be sure to keep this side of left or maybe turn right. See the joy of being a cyclist is that its so damn easy to just go where you please. Or am i just an anarchist at heart??

Change your thinking

Change your thinking and get on ya bike!! Use your legs and smile. A very popular shirt.

I have a one track mind

I only think about leaving a one track as I get from A 2 B. We all know that riding bikes is sexy.

Please push me

It’s just the best isn’t it when someone gives you an almighty push and down the hill you fly.


It's a good sign

See the sign and its a good one. Get onyabike and ride the right path.A shirt for the bikepath friend.

Garden of Earthly Bikes

Its a sure sign you are in paradise when bikes are growing in your garden along with the birds and the bees.


A Chain Reaction

A chain reaction with no toxic waste and lots of personal power. Why use uranium when you can use U!!

There's just no stopping you

You know that glorious feeling of riding downhill? That rush of freedom and delicious abandon.

Traffic Jam - Put a lid on it

Keep all that traffic where it a jam jar. Ride to the sound of a music jam...yeah!

Angel Bike

Blessed are the cyclists. Ring your bell and let us rejoice and ride like the wind.


What if I could?

What if I could change the world one revolution at a time… push those pedals for positive change.

My Bike I Like

Best to say it as it is… simply and brightly. My Bike I like.. so share this with the world at large.


Not everyone's cup of tea

No way hozay, don’t go pouring oil into my tank for some get and go. I gotta pedal power and I love to ride to meet my friend for afternoon tea.